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Smartscape - communication between hosts


Hello all,

we would like to understand the communication between hosts displayed in the smartscape. Partly we can see arrows in both directions, partly only in one.

For example, we see arrows in both directions for the communication between Application Server and DB Server. Does this mean that the communication is actively started by both servers, or does it simply mean that one server is requesting and the other is returning information?

Unfortunately, the description here is a little short (

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So the arrows will show direction, If Host 1 Calls Host 5 then you will see the arrow as such. If Host 5 Communicates back to Host 1 then you will have a double ended arrow. 


Solid Arrows are communication within the last 24 hours 

Dashed arrows are within the last 72 hours 

No connection means its never connected or the connection was outside the last 72 hours. 


You can also review process connections at a host level as well to understand at a more granular level the flow. 


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