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Software License Monitoring and Analytics


I have a unique requirement with a customer where they want Dynatrace beyond Monitoring to be a one-stop shop for Monitoring their other Enterprise Software Licenses Status, and Expiry and possibly have corresponding dashboards and alerts.

Is this a feature that is available within Dynatrace? The reason being I was having a conversation with support and they hinted there is a License Management Functionality but this needs to be enabled and it appears under Settings as License Management or License Analytics

  1. Is this a feature as mentioned above within Dynatrace and if so how can we enable it if it can address the above requirement?
  2. How best can we achieve this requirement or will it need some sort of development or API calls to the Software to be Monitored for?
Dynatrace Certified Associate

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You will for sure need to use API calls to manage what your customer is asking for. The best part is that Dynatrace gives you a whole range of APIs to do this. You might also want to check MONACO, as it might be very helpful too!

Antonio Sousa

Thanks @AntonioSousa for this.

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