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Split Process Groups in Openshit OKD 3.11


Hi Folks,

I'm trying to split process group in our OKD 3.11 platform. Our DevOps team use same image to deploy in dev, test and prod environments.

The problem here is that the PG groups all process (PODs) created with the same image in the different environment in just one group.

After reading docs and Q&A I ve analyzed two possible solutions:

1) Create K8s tags in the CI/CD pipeline to detect the environmet. Then apply a PG detection rule.

I tried to configure the rules after set up labels and new tags in the image. We use env, version and app tags in the metadata.

But, the problem was that there is no chance to use de env variable created before (neither in process properties or environment variables). The process is Apache Tomcat , and I dont have DT env variables created (as several colleagues wrote in blogs or documentations).

2) Use Host Groups.

This is new for me, I dont know if I can configure Host Groups for OKD Worker Nodes using OneAgent under Operator. Is this possible?

If someone could help me Ill apreciate.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Host Groups would probably be your best bet here. They are supported with Operator deployments. In the cr.yaml file you can pass HOST_GROUP=<MyHostGroup> as a command line argument.

I am not an Openshift expert, but I remember this from previous installs.


Find "args" in the cr.yaml and notice how log access is controlled with a command line parameter and just add HOST_GROUP here:



Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot ! It works !


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