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Support archive location for hosts and processes

Hi ,

where is now stored Host/process support archive ??
/var/... ??

THX, Josef


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Support archives are generated on demand when requested, I don't believe they 'exist' anywhere permanently. This blog explains how to generate them:

Hi James,

That blog post is 2 years old. The support archive management has changed since then, and it appears they are now stored instead of just downloaded on demand:

I thought I was actually posting this (more recent) one with a similar name:

In either case, once you trigger the diagnostics it can store it within Cassandra but the supported way to access it would be to download it through the UI, not access it directly. Direct access to Cassandra is not supported.

Thanks for the clarification! From the link: "[...]stores the collected diagnostic data in your Cassandra database". So indeed it is stored (and not just created and downloaded on demand), but it's not stored locally on the server - it resides in the database.

That's right this would be either on the server nodes themselves for Managed or up in the SaaS cluster, but not directly on the relevant hosts.

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