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Tagging based on Services from a web application




I want to tag all services that belong to a specific Web Application so I can make a complete Management Zone based on the Web App.

So basically when I click on the services that belong to the web app, I can see the service flow and I want to tag all of those components.


Is this possible?


Thanks in advance!




DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Sten ,


yes this is possible. It's not too straight forward though. You can use the relationships in entitySelectors to identify those services. See my Pro Tip post here. Number 7 in that list is doing it the other way around (tag applications up from services, but if you use a "toRelationship" from the Application entitytype  you should be able to achieve this.

I think the entitySelector would be:




You can use this selector in an auto tagging rule which would then also assign the same tag (tagOfApplication) to the services. And then further on use this tag in you MZ assignment rule.

Only drawback: you cannot use placeholders or key:value tags for entitySelector rules...




Certified Dynatrace Master, Dynatrace Partner -

Hi Reinhard,


Thanks for your awesome reply! This is really nice knowledge.

Unfortunately, I can't make it work on the environment. I made a tagging rule via the API as follows:

"name": "sampleAutoTag",
"description": "sampleDescription",

"entitySelectorBasedRules": [
"enabled": true,
"entitySelector": "type(SERVICE), toRelationships.calls(type(APPLICATION), tag(tagOfApplication))"


This was succesful, however the tags of the Application are (45 minutes later) still not visible on the Services. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

Update from my side: it works!! I need to specify the tag within the call at the place "tagOfApplication" 😅

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Good to know, glad it helped!

Certified Dynatrace Master, Dynatrace Partner -

Hi @r_weber,

Get lost a bit on what are the allowed types for toRelationships.calls so my question is if there is a way to tag all services in service flow that are being called from a specific Key User Action?

Thanks in advance for your insight on this  

All the best and stay safe



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