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Tagging the process group instance


I could not find a way to tag the process group Instance. When multiple application using same process then it is difficult to identify PGI to specific application through the API. Although we have unique identifier for PGI but Tag will help anyone to identify straightway.



Hello @Suresh K. , yes you can definitely do that as specified below :

Go to tags -> create new tag -> Add new rule (inside that tag) -> From the "Rule Applies to" dropdown , please select Process Groups -> Save

Just above the save button , you also have below options and you can select these check boxes as per your need

Apply to underlying hosts of matching process groups

Apply to all services provided by the process groups

@Himanshu M

thanks for the response but I was referring here PGI not PG . I think NJ explained pretty much what can be done with PGI tagging (only manual tag and that too not exposed through API).


Hi Suresh,

Tags can be applied to Process Group instances manually (either in the Settings->Tags->Manually Applied Tags or on the process instance page). I do not believe this will be helpful as these manually applied tags on the process instance are not displayed in the API result for list of monitored processes. I would suggest you focus on splitting these processes into their own separate process groups if they span multiple applications. Having processes from multiple apps as part of one process group will create services that span multiple apps. Seperate applications should have their own seperate services. Please see this blog on how to configure Process Group detection rules.



@Ugochukwu N.

Is there specific reason for manual tag on Process Group Instance not exposed through API?


I do not think so. It was not until recently that you could apply a tag manually on a Process Group Instance and it is still not possible to automatically apply tags to Process Group Instances. You can submit this as a RFE (Request For Enhancement) in the Product Ideas Forum.



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