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The Effect DIfference Between Turning On and Off Continuous Memory Profiling



Does anyone has any information / resources on the difference between turning on and off of Continuous Memory Profiling (OneAgent features settings) in the process?

We currently testing ourselves with Java jar processes but couldn't notice contrasting difference albeit briefly. Also checking in the documentation with the keyword.

Any resources (blog posts, study cases, lab tests etc) also with the mechanism on how Dynatrace handles this feature in the process would be great help.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Ardhi,

if you disabled this feature you will not be able to get the Memory profiling & allocation, noting that this feature Requires restart.

for me, I didn't notice any overhead utilization so far and as mentioned in the documentation, you need a JVM that supports Low-Overhead Heap Profiling.

also, it's recommended to Exclude third-party libraries, for more details check this URL:

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