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The List of Public IPs Listed in the firewall requirement for Mission Control Purpose, are they all in use at the same time?

The network engineers of my client throw me this question: are all of them in use at the same time? or one at a time? (or maybe few at a time?).

If it is not all at the same time, they are using it as round-robin fashion or some of the IPs in this pool just serve as a backup in case any of the IP suddenly unavailable?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

There are actually 2 pairs of Dynatrace Mission Control Network Load Balancers. Two instances in Virginia to handle the traffic from the world, and two instances in Singapore to handle China based clusters. So a cluster will typically use only 1 pair of IPs in a round robin fashion by resolving or domains. and - Virginia NLB, and - Singapore NLB

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