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The command to properly start/restart the OneAgent service in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server?

Agent start/restart can be done easily in Windows, but how to do so in Unix-like OS like SUSE?

Customer has two servers reboot to enable code-level visibility after oneagent is installed, but after reboot seems like the agent didn't start itself:

So, on a sidenote, anyone encountered this before? Where after server reboot the agent didn't startup.



Hi Waikeat,

Have you tried the command "service oneagent start". I have seen this issue on one occasion but this was because the agent was installed in a custom file-system not the default. On reboot, the agent was trying to start before the file-system was mounted on reboot so the agent start failed. Have your Linux administrator verify the entry in the /etc/fstab if you are installing the agent in a custom file-system.



When the installation is carried out, the wget method can't be used yet because of connectivity. So, we download the installer ourselves, then move to the /opt/ directory of the serves and install it.

Is the default directory also /opt/ if I were to use wget method?

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