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Timeselector and metric explorer for dynamic timeranges


Hello Community,


I have a open question about timerange selector for specific metric explorer graphs.

The selection of some timeranges such as 'today' 'this month' 'this week' were used in some of our dashboard.
In old custom charts, those timerange had such definition : 'today' = '00:00 to now'
Now in the new metric explorer for graphs, today = '00:00 to 23:59'


That leads to 2 issues for me :

1 - The same time selector leads to differents data graph depending on charts selected
- "old" custom chart is showing 00:00 to now
- sparkline are showing 00:00 to now
- graphs are showing 00:00 to 23:59
- heatmaps are showing 00:00 to now

2 - if we take 'this month' selector , and we are at the start of the month, that leads to an almost-empty graph , not really useful.
If we want to customize this, the timeselector don't allow future date (the endpoint can't be in the future), but graphs are showing future dates anyway

Any suggestion on how to handle this ?

Example of tiles showing the same data for "this month" is below


In my point of view, those selector would always need to be "Start to now", but according to support, this is not a bug to show end time in the future





Yeah I've run into this also. I'm using the following time period as a workaround for showing "Today" only until current time:


+0d/d to now


Thanks, it seems simple and solved easily the point !
I have shared it with users, working fine 🙂

Still pending the fact that graphs with same timeframe has not the same axes , this seems so weird that we got to fix it by modifying the timeframe to not have empty "future" dates.

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