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USQL - Funnel by userId


as I understand correctly, the funnel function is based on a user session

is it possible to build a funnel based on unique users?

for example, when a user starts a process, but within one session does not end it. And then, for example, tomorrow he will start filling out the process again.

We need Funnul based uniq user not usersession


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

While I have not tried this, its worth a shot. Did you try and were you unable to make a funnel chart based off of a single user?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You can filter down to a specific user tag in a funnel/usql but all of the funnel queries work at the session level so you can't span multiple sessions (over several days for example) when populating a funnel.

Hi Mikhail.

Yes, you right, funnel based on sessions. but you can use Single value in USQL to see that values on your dashboard.

it will looks like this

where three tiles at the bottom will contain something like this:

1. SELECT COUNT(userid) as users FROM usersession WHERE = "AppStart (easyTravel)"

2. SELECT COUNT(userid) AS users FROM usersession WHERE = "AppStart (easyTravel)" and = "searchJourney"

3. SELECT COUNT(userid) AS users FROM usersession WHERE = "AppStart (easyTravel)" and = "searchJourney" AND = "bookJourney"

Probably you got to use COUNT(DISTINCT userid) instead of COUNT(userid) to exclude dublicates

have a question

will this select show users who had the first action in one session and the second in another, or will it show users who had two actions in one session

SELECT COUNT(userid) AS users FROM usersession WHERE = "AppStart (easyTravel)" and = "searchJourney" 

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