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Un-monitor unwanted services


Hi All,

I'd like to know if there is a way to "un-monitor" specific services (e.g. "Welcome to Tomcat"); I can't find a way to remove them, and muting the requests leaves the service "alive".




Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hello EdoardoB (great name),


You could use a custom process monitoring rule with "Do not monitor" to stop monitoring the processes creating the service. The issue will be making sure you can identify just that process. 


Edward Buckler

Hi Edward,

thank you for your suggestion; problem is that the process "hosting" this service is not "hosting" only useless services but also some useful ones, so I would loose those (I think).




DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Only way to disable service data is (at this time) muting all of it's requests (there is a new "Muted requests" menu in since 1.234). Better way should be to disable such default services on host level. If there is no purpose to use them, why are they available to use ?

Alanata a.s.

Hi Ratislav,

you are obviously right, the sad part is that not always developers behave in the proper way ahaha; I tried muting the (only) request on a Welcome to Tomcat service but the service looks still active (even if it is showing no metrics in the service list view).




Yes it'll be "active" but there will be no mess with your Dynatrace environment. We have several customers, where "Welcome to Tomcat" is used for various production requests :awww:.

Alanata a.s.


Hi Edoardo

You can exclude processes from beeing monitored and you also can exclude incoming web request urls. Maybe you can use 'excluding web request urls'? See Settings->Server-side service monitoring->Deep monitoring


Hi Matthis,

the problem is that in this way I will remove every request with a specifica path, right? And in my case I can't confirm that all requests "/" are actually useless...




Yes, you can exclude requests to specific URLs. In my case e.g. we exclude on an apache webserver all requests that begin with '/server-status' as they come from our monitoring with icinga and are of no interest in Dynatrace now.

When you want to exclude only some requests but they all use the same URL, then you cann't use this configuration.


Hi Edoardo,


There is no proper way to accomplish what you want, this is something that could be done previously in AppMon.   As work around, we merge those services into the primary monitored service, not pretty, but gets it off your screen, you will then have the web requests show up under the main service, which you can mute. 


I've raised a product enhancement for this specific feature. If you add your support to it, it might get some more focus. 

Exclude or Disable detected service - Dynatrace Community

Thank you, voted!



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @EdoardoB ,


I'd recommend to do this:

  1. define proper request naming rules to group relevant from non-relevant requests. (e.g. you might have some periodic health checks on the Default service maybe that you want to keep, but not any other "accidental" requests)
  2. One you have proper groups of requests on that service, "mute" the ones that are not relevant for any error or anomaly detection

This might be a little effort but since we now have API access to define both key- and muted requests this can be done through the API for large scales.
E.g.: I'm excluding "irrelevant" /healtz check requests from all the microservice mesh health checks by muting them on every service.

Certified Dynatrace Master, Dynatrace Partner -

Thank you, that's what I did at the moment, since it's not possible to mute a service for now...



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