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View service requests by timer name from tools like hp loadrunner in Dynatrace SaaS


Has anyone been able to create a view similar to Appmon's Tagged web requests dashlet for viewing synthetic transactions? In this case using something like HP Loadrunner scripts. I know the ability to create Request Attribute tagging is available so I wonder if we could leverage that functionality to show only requests during a performance test.

Thank you for your help.


Shawn Givan



Hi Shawn, Am also looking for a similar solution /feature in the SaaS model to integrate the Loadrunner transactions with Dynatrace. Do post in this thread if you get some lead . Thanks


I am not sure if this is still a need but I was able to accomplish this, somewhat, by adding a Request Attribute for the "HTTP Request Header" and the Parameter is "x-dynatrace". Then I did the optional splitting further by setting the split to ";" and using the following regex to extract the values "\w+=(.*+)".

This allowed me to get a view of the test names and values and how they applied to the transactions. It also allowed me to do filtering based on their names. Not perfect, but it was a start.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

hi all. I wrote a blog and recorded a video on how to use Dynatrace in load testing environments leveraging the same x-dynatrace HTTP header as we used to use in AppMon. Here is the blog:

and here is the youtube video that goes along with it:

Contact our DevRel team through


We have now officially release LoadRunner request tagging for Dynatrace - check it out:

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