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Web application detection on host running Visual Studio


Hi! This is a two part question:

We have a Dynatrace agent on a web server and one a laptop - the laptop is running the site via Visual Studio. I see the web application shown for the web server, but not for the laptop.

q1 - is there any additional config required for the laptop agent to recognize the served webs (especially for useful detections such as javascript errors and latency), given the above?

q2 - is there an *easy* way to attribute which host each of the applications are attributed?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Things I'd check (regarding q1):

  • Do you see the webserver processes on the laptop host in Dynatrace?
  • If you can see the webserver / application server process on the laptop, is it instrumented? (open the process instance in Dynatrace and check for oneagent version in the properties)
  • If you open the web application targeting the laptop, is the Dynatrace RUM JavaScript inserted in the web pages?
  • If the Dynatrace RUM JavaScript is inserted, is the beacon JavaScript is sending data to reachable?

Regarding q2 - I'm afraid I don't understand your question.

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