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What does Dynatrace offer in terms of monitoring Load Balancers?

Hi All,

are you aware if Dynatrace can monitor Load Balancers and what metrics are monitored? Currently our team is looking into different possibilities to monitor the load balancers and traffic flow across them.

Does it make sense to enable full-stack for Load Balancers, what will be the benefits?





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general this case is about what kind of LB you have. If you are using nginx/Apache as LB you will see how transactions are going through them, how they are performing etc. So it’s very useful. If you are using F5 that cannot be monitored by agent, you can always use AG plugin for collecting metrics from it‘s interface. If you have LB that is working in Azure / AWS without option for installing agent you will have some metrics that are provided by them. About how useful they are depends from scope of metrics they have.

If you have LB that can be monitored full stack it will show you all parts of response time. You can see as well logs with information about missing workers in configuration, transactions with code 503 that does not reach process (in their waY you will not see it at all).


Regards, Sebastian

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