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What is "Background thread" ?


Hi Everyone,


I would like to ask about the meaning of the Background thread, what kind of transaction will be the Background thread? Is it a timed batch job?


Because when I observed "Detailed CPU consumption", I found that the "background thread CPU" was higher in a certain period than at other times.

截圖 2022-11-03 下午6.03.58.png

Check out "Method hotspots" and saw "Request A" here (Background thread), but my client said that Request A should be in another service and not in the Background thread.



截圖 2022-11-03 下午6.21.04.png

截圖 2022-11-03 下午6.21.47.png

So how should I explain it to the client?


PS: I have a reference to this document, but I still don't quite understand it



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Background thread CPU refers to everything that is happening not on a monitored request (purepath). 

If we have a purepath for it, it will be Service request CPU. 


If it makes sense for the customer, he can create a custom service for a method he is interested in and then we would capture purepaths for that method and the CPU value would move from background cpu to service cpu of that service.