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What is "Background threads" and why all PurePath are broken



Can you explain what is "Background threads" and why all PurePath are broken?





Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Background activity services are described here:

Couldn't tell from a screenshot why you'd be having capture errors, see if there's any more details there and consider checking with support.

Frankly i red it and do not understand diff between foreground thread and background one. Would you be so kind to explain.

Kind thanks!

Thank you James. After discussing it with our developers i understud. Do you know why all PurePaths for background thread are captured with error?

No, can't determine that from a screenshot. I would reach out to Dynatrace ONE or support if drilling into that PurePath doesn't reveal anything more.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Igor,

What you are sing there are corrupted purepahts on the process detected as "background process". Corrupted Purepaths can have different reasons, like:

  • Network issues, e.g. data from at least one agent does not arrive on the cluster
  • Complexity issues, e.g. too many request attributes or custom service calls captured or timed-out requests

The Purepaths will show everything Oneagent grabbed so you look into what failed.

If it was a call out to some public resource that took too long or a call out to a host/process that was particularly burdened at the time. If you know what process is behind the purepath at the point of corruption, then you might be able to see explanations in the logs about why the subpath was dropped or lead to corruption of the larger path.


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