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What is the impact does setting ignoreClusterRuntimeInfo on an ActiveGate have on the OneAgents?


We have a set of servers running OneAgent via a set of ActiveGates. The ActiveGates are communicating with the Cluster via a Load Balancer.

We can set the ActiveGate servers to communicate with the load balancer via the settings defined in the reverse proxy document which includes the ignoreClusterRuntimeInfo parameter.

For the connected OneAgent, though, while they prefer the ActiveGate servers, they also, know about the internal IP addresses of the Cluster when using: sudo /opt/dynatrace/oneagent/agent/tools/oneagentctl --get-server

Is ignoreClusterRuntimeInfo configured on the ActiveGates having any impact on the connected OneAgents?


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @gchastne ,

ignoreClusterRuntimeInfo parameter should have no impact on the OneAgents, and if you have LB or reverse proxy between OneAgents and ActiveGates then you need to define dnsEntryPoint parameter on the ActiveGate

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This parameter is only used if a load balancer exists between the ActiveGate and the subsequent communication endpoint.
Agents remain unaware of this configuration, as it is exclusively for the ActiveGates.



Thanks for that, it just feels like a missed opportunity.

If you have a load-balancer between the ActiveGate and the Cluster, it's highly unlikely that you want the OneAgents to talk directly to the Cluster, even in an ActiveGate failure scenario.

Hi @gchastne 

For OA traffic segregation you can utilize Network Zones




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