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When is the roadmap of Dynatrace OneAgent support Vue.js framework (SPA) and Web app auto injection?

Hi everyone

We would like to know about the roadmap of Dynatrace support Vue.js framework (SPA) and Web app auto-injection.

Would we manual Java script injection Vue.js?

Please, tell or provide information for us to know.

Thanks so much all

Askme solution Thailand


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

We have some clients that has parts of applications (parts of interface is SPA) written in vue.js. After enabling support for XHR requests, everything we need is working good enough to see user actions.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian

Thank for your response.

I enable Async requests and single-page apps for detection of XHR requests but still get nothing.

How can I open ticket to Dynatrace support?

Askme solution Thailand

Are you sure that DT JS agent is properly injected into your application? I think this may be issue here, not Vue.js support.


Regards, Sebastian

Does your action in the application result in XHR request? If there is no network request, no XHR action in Dynatrace will be created.

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