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Where can I manage custom services created from "Requests to public networks"?


I manged to create several individual services based on requests found under "Requests to public networks".

Once they are created, a few things became apparent:

1) I can't find a way to list or manage these services anywhere in DynaTrace. There is no way to list, manage or delete them?

2) The only way to see these services is when actual web traffic is collected on them. Only then, they will appear in the "Transactions and services" view. Depending on the external endpoint, it could be days or weeks until anything is collected again.

3) Because of (2), I can only edit and change that service's name and settings once it appears in "Transaction and services".

Anyway to list and manage these services?



1) You can search them as a request to public network type, if you want to "delete" them, you need to exclude such uris in detection. After a while, the "service" won't show up any more.

2) That's right. All major APM work like that, with out traffic the service wont exists.

3) You can't manage something that don't exist yet, but you can manage them with the API so you dont "wait" until the traffic exists. You can use the API and create rules, so you don't wait until they show up.

But you need to know in advance the uri of the external services to add any configuration.

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