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Why does the new Databases app show nothing



In the Database Services Classic app I see 26 databases listed and can drill into lots of details for each including statements, logs, etc.

But in the new Databases app I see nothing in any of the tiles at all. 

I have installed the Microsoft SQL Server (local) app using OneAgent and configured two servers and can see their data in Dashboards Classic in the SQL Server (Local) dashboard but the link Instance link from there seems to take me to a app called SQL Server > Instance but that isn't a real app (it can't be found by searching) and seems to be part of  Technologies & Processes Classic.  

Why do I see nothing in the new Databases app.

Thanks, Keith


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Keith_Harding 

The reason you can see 26 databases listed under "Classic Database Services" is because you are monitoring services ( which are using framework for databases supported by dynatrace) .
The calls that your services realice to databases, generate a Services of tye : Databases
More Info : 



Installing oneAgent on our Database servers generates complementary database infrastructure information.

In relation to "App databases" there are some points to consider so that you can have information there: 


Before you start
- The Databases app uses data collected by Dynatrace SQL extensions. To use it, you need to configure your database monitoring first with one of the Dynatrace-provided extensions or develop your extensions using the SQL data source.

- Databases comes preinstalled in your Dynatrace environment, but your administrator needs to assign specific permissions to users of the app. Check the required permissions in the Hub overview of the app (Technical information tab).


I suggest you can validate that information in the documentation.

I hope it's helpful 💪

Pierre Gutierrez - LATAM ACE Consultant - Loving Cats! Loving Technology !

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