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Why is Process CPU Usage higher than Host CPU Usage?


How can I interpret this? Why is Process CPU Usage higher than Host CPU Usage?


Best Regards,

Wai Keat



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Wai Keat C.

It is telling us that out of 100% available CPU, 97% used by the instrumented process(s). You can check the high CPU consuming process(s) and then can analyze why the process(s) are using more CPU.



@Babar Q., the question is, why is host CPU % lower than process %?
For all of my monitored hosts, the process CPU is less than host CPU.

I assumed host CPU % was the total CPU consumed, and process % was for instrumented processes. In this case, that assumption does not appear to be correct.

Hello @Michael D.

Your point is valid. I would say this could be some type of misbehavior of the instrumented processes.

The following screenshot is an example where the process is showing more CPU then Host, but in your case process reached near about up to 100% intermittently.




Process/es running on the host is/are taking x amount of CPU and 100-x (almost) is consumed by Host/OS.

Don't assume Process is subset of host in this case since process runs on the host. Here it is segregating to let you know whether its the process or the host which is consuming.

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