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You don't have any monitored applications


Hello I have a problem in which I do not know how to solve I already open the doors but I still have the same problem



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

There can be several reasons for this, without knowing the exact architecture it's difficult to tell real reason in your environment.

First, you should check if Dynatrace injected the RUM JavaScript into HTML page of your application, just as the page suggests. If there is the ruxitagent javascript inserted, you have to check why it cannot send data back. Javascript is sending the data back using a beacon endpoint (URL) that can be modified to fit your firewall/context mapping. It is done in the setup of the application entity in Dynatrace. See the report URL in the JavaScript tag or the browser developer options to check which URL is the JavaScript trying to send data to and find what is blocking these requests. URL path (context) remapping at load balancer is probably the most common reason.

If the RUM Javascript is not inserted there might be several reasons such as

- code is not valid HTML

- your application framework is producing compressed HTML output (for example zk framework is doing that with default configuration) and JavaScript tag cannot be inserted into compressed pages (compression must be done on application server level, not on framework level)

- your application firewall (F5 for example) is blocking the URL for the JavaScript library

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the application is in an AWS environment is it mandatory to install ActiveGate in this case?

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