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best connectivity OneAgent - Activegate


HI all,

Are there minimum network latency requirements between OneAgent and Activegates to decide where to install AGs?


I suppose the closer they are the better (OA-AG), but if they are far apart, how can it affect?



Jose A


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is the ActiveGate requirements page and as far as I can tell it doesn't make any recommendations regarding your network.

For the most part visibility is the main concern when it comes to ActiveGates, as long as they can connect to the OneAgents and Mission Control the speed/latency is rarely an issue.

Maybe support can provide more clarity on the network requirements/limitations


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend
Unless you have many agents and huge latency, I'd go for an ActiveGate in such environments. In general, ActiveGate is recommended for environments or locality with low bandwidth and one of the key features of ActiveGate is data compression of agent traffic. I'd recommend AG for each environment/locality with more than 10 agents unless there is a really good reason not to deploy one.
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No, it does not make a difference and there are no requirements. All data is sent via timestamp, and the AG does not actually do anything to improve the latency except for the time it takes to transfer to your cluster nodes via compression of the data sent.


AGs are most likely used for the compression feature (outgoing traffic in cloud environments often cost money), and for network zones to split up different cloud providers and DMZs (by default the OneAgent tries to connect to all AGs and the nodes, which could make your network guys mad if they look at their logs of blocked connections :D).

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