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exclude process / service / exe from monitoring


we have create a custom process monitoring rule to exclude set of EXE from monitoring. However those process are still being monitored after changing the setting from Dynatrace and restarting the agent also. Let us know how to get this issue fixed?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I am not sure if you have thousads of processes to be disabled. If not, you can try to do it interactive using user interface for one host.

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we had couple of process on hand full of servers where we are trying to exclude them from monitoring. We have created an exclude rule at global level and host group level non of them took effect.

1) Global settings --> Custom process monitoring --> Do not monitor by EXE Name

2) Host goup --> settings --> Custom process monitoring --> Do not monitor by EXE Name

However only the host settings is taking effect.

Those disabled process was not visible for sometime, but now we are able to see them again.

We have disabled them at all levels, still we are seeing them actively monitored! Please advise if we are missing something.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


Deep Monitoring (injection) is only performed when the process starts - so after creating a rule, you have to restart the process that is currently monitored. That will trigger a re-injection, the rule should get applied and the process is no longer injected. Restarting the OneAgent has no effect here.

Not all information can be used to exclude processes from monitoring, e.g. if you try to use Java Main Class but starting it with a .jar the main class info won't be available by the time we have to decide whether to inject or not, so the rule will not work.

EXE name should be available at startup time, so that should work. You could try command line arguments if you really want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your rule.

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