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health icon for hosts grey


Health icon are grey forhosts, what does this signifies?



Does this mean that one agent has stopped monitoring, but is present in server or does this mean that one agent is removed from server

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

That means that there is no communication between then Host and the UI via the oneagent


So, can I assume that one agent is still there in the server, but just communication is lost?

yes, Much like in smart scape, if the line is solid, then there is communication, if its dotten then that means there been no communication in the last 48 hours, and no line means no connection at all in the last 72 hours or ever.

The first step would be to ensure the oneagent is running on the host in question.

After that, if still no communication, then the firewall

After that, any security apps that might be blocking it.


you can also check out the host in the Dynatrace UI and further confirm if the host is listed as Unmonitored or Offline


can you please specify exactly where it a listed unmonitored or offline

You will see data in the host page on the right hand side - like in the following image


Thanku so much, I appreciate all the help

you're welcome, I would recommend taking a look at the host level too to ensure that the agent is running, and if so, ensure that a security app isn't turning it off. it sounds like it was once reporting into Dynatrace so then the firewall rules should be okay. Depending on your organization, you might need to get a server support team member to assist you with that.


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Grey mean (was monitored in the past. Now no more)

root cause:

- HU finish and host was disconnected - in last release (manage) now there is a message

- Agent is down (service stopped on Host)

- Monitoring on Dynatrace is Disable (no monitored)

- Firewall rules now drop the connection (disappear)

- Host is down (think about to DR policy .. may is a secondary node ready to be use)

- Decommissioning - Old Host ready for "format c:"

- Dynatrace agent version old or host never updated (disk space issue /OPT) or Service never stop/start (secondary agent version) - old agent version not updated will disconnect after 10/12 release



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