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host cpu usage versus physical cpu or vm cpu usage


We experienced some issues on Monday and are working on driving into forensic evidence on what may have happened.   We have a Windows host where we see differences in the cpu usage %, peaking about 80% or so on average, but the metrics of both physical cpu (on the host page) or the vm cpu usage % on data explorer are showing the average pegged at 100%.   The reason for the latter two metrics is "physical cpu" is not in data explorer and vm cpu usage % is not a metric on the host page, but I think there are the same.   But my question, was is the difference between these two sets of metrics, the host "cpu usage %" and the, in my case, higher consumption of "physical cpu" or "vm cpu usage %"?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Just to clarify, I believe you are referring to a Windows host A, that has a VM running inside it, that I would call VM B. You have OneAgents installed on host A and VM B. Is this the scenario, Or are we talking about the VMware integration?
In any case, you can post graphs here; if you could show us an image of what you are referring to, it would help.

Antonio Sousa

I'm dealing with a Windows VM running as a guest on a VMWare ESXi host.





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