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how can we disable OneAgent on a spesific host without using dynatrace settings?


we can disable spesific host using navigation - settings - monitoring overview - hosts and then "Monitor this host" switch to off. But i want to learn is there another way for disable one ogent on a spesific host? For example editing the AgentRuntime.config file on the host or add the host name to the Excluded Hosts list.



You could just end/stop the OneAgent process running by logging into the host. Or if you have ansible Im sure you could make a script for some defined hosts to turn off the OneAgent


Can we use this technique to freeup licences and reuse them on another host ? like we can do with appmon.

@Alain C. from my experience, Licensing is Dynamic. Say you have used up all your host units, but really need to track down an issue on host Y. You can turn off monitoring for another host, say host A (Of equal or more ram size) and you will be able to monitor Host Y without breaching licensing quotas. Then once your done, Turn off monitoring on Host Y and turn Host A's monitoring back on. This can all be done on the fly within the Dynatrace UI.

@Chad Thanks, makes sense. In microservices and cloud environnement where you instantiate servers and processes, it would be surprising that a licence would be tied to an instance.

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