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print to Next line of placeholder in email body


I am using multiple placeholders in email integration ( body ) & i wanted to print them in separate lines in the email body. Is there a possibility ?


Sai Venkatesh Nichenametla

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @SaiVenkatesh 

It is possible to put them on separate lines, as long as you use HTML format for the problem notifications.
You can use the standard HTML line break code <br /> for this in the email body field - for example:

<br /><br />
This is a new line.
<br /><br />
This is also a new line.
<br /><br />
This is yet another new line.

If you only put a single <br /> it will break to the next line, but not leave a space between them like in my example.

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