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"Slow response time": problem root cause and recommendations


Hello all,

Recently I got a problem detected and the root cause is for Database as attached below:



I know the green color means it is already solved. But actually I just restarted the database.

When I trace deep down, there is slow Execution problem as follows:



My question is, could Dynatrace give recommendation on what remediation I should do regarding that root cause?

Like maybe we should fix a certain query or maybe optimise some indexing regarding database.


Thank you in advance.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi agylpradipta,

Dynatrace will not give you a recommendation for that. however you will be able to see where is the issue easily, also, you can check the distributed traces to see what happened and the sequence of the executed queries, in your case maybe the issue is that the table is not indexed from the DB side and I might be wrong.

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If dynatrace has the Database monitoring capability it could have solved many of this problem and break the silo between Database administrators and System Performance Teams, getting explain plan from the Db will show where the query is spending time , datadog has this capability  for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server

Unless you have oneagent installed on database too, information regarding queries to that db are read from jdbc connections. So actually no information regarding the db is collected and consequently no suggestions regarding optimizations can be evaluated.

Hi @agylpradipta ,

Lets be frank here, Dynatrace gave You exact function that got slow. And the worst thing in fixing such things is that is a function. I'm guessing it's postgres, but engine is almost irrelevant. There is NO TOOL on the market than analyses functions and give you info how to improve them. Some tools (incl Dyna) can get execution plans for queries which You can use to optimize, some will try to do the same to procedure, but it works ONLY in procedure is actually just query and no logic/code. Functions and procedures are pain in... of every company that utilize them. 




there are tools that show access plan and suggest recommendations


Hi @Serak 

Those are for Queries - that I mentioned. DT can get those plans with "cost" of each step for supported DBs. No fancy visuals, but still. Problem happens when You want that for functions and procedures (as in question there is such) and no tools do than UNLESS procedure/function is made up ONLY of single SQL query. If You have one that support function/procedure logic then I'm open for such info - as was looking for decent one especially MSSQL and Oracle as there is plenty companies having legacy soft using those.

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