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request naming rules


Hi everyone, the question is next, I want to group some url's to then put them in a single chart over a dashboard.

The url's are something like these:

so I want a regular expression that begins with ""

So I tried this:

My regular expression is this: "\S+.?services-and-products.?"

So I was expecting to see in the web requests of my service the name of my new rule, in this case is

"prueba_contains" but I don't see anything.

In fact I just want to count the number of times that some group of url's are visited/consumed but without using the "user sessions query (usql)" and put it on a dashboard.

Thanks for your time!!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi Alan M.

First I think that for regex you should use contains regex

About your example:


URL path = services-and-products/object1

Did you tried, URL begin with or URL Path begin with /services-and-products/object

If we are already dealing with dynatrace regex, there is a great online tool that we all should be familiar with: !!!



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