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ruxitagent java oneagent logs


Hi team,

i have oneagent service stopped on the server however ruxitagent java and process logs are still updating. just wanted to get rid off these logs updates. can you help how to achieve or  we need to perform uninstallation is the only option??




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Did you perform a restart of the application process after disabling OA?

Have a nice day!

yes restart is happening on daily basis .....

Remember that you also need to disable the agent process from autostart or init.d when restarting the server - otherwise it will automatically start up.

Have a nice day!

yes used below command and checked whether oneagent is running or not. and removed from Autostat as well...

 service oneagent status
service oneagent stop
service oneagent status


Out of curiosity, what entries appear in these logs? On the system I understand that you don't have any additional Dynatrace processes running?

Have a nice day!

just gives the connection errors to saas platform

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