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service quality report explanation of calculations


Having read the documentation entry "What can I learn from service quality reports" I find I have some deeper questions about the calculations. Since they are sent weekly to every Dynatrace user unless they take action to not receive them, users are asking many questions about the calculations.

1. The doc states that the infrastructure score is calculated as the % of host time during which no problems are encountered.

a. Is host time calculated as # of host monitored * hours in a week ?

b. The report lists 141 different host monitored and below on the peak infrastructure usage section it says Dynatrace monitored 63 hosts. why the difference?

c. In the Top infrastructure problems section there are problems listed with duration GT one week - is this not a weekly report?

Here is an example:

Different hosts monitored
11 fewer than last week

Peak infrastructure usage

Infrastructure usage peaked Friday, 3pm - 6pm. Dynatrace monitored 63 hosts.

Top 5 infrastructure problemsType
Host name

Low disk space
over 1 d 18 h



uploaded correct report pdf file.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Are you still having this issue or has it been resolved? being that this is from last year, it might have been a glitch in Dynatrace and resolved by now. As I cannot recreate the same findings.


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