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APDEX rating for APIs and microservices ( Don´t have user sessions Detected in App Default Bucket)


Hi team!

I need help to get APDEX rating in my API Dashboard. I know that we need to create an Application, but in this case, I do not have any user session from my API being captured in the Default Bucket.

After making some changes, I could get the Top 10 Endpoints Average time request (using integration to Dyna new API). But I am not seeing this traffic in the default bucket.... They are running in Openshift Container (PaaS) Platform. On the other hand, I have traffic from my Legacy apps, using WebSphere. Have we had to change something to get APIs traffic to get RUM (APDEX and more)?

Thanks for your help,


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Two questions to start with:

  1. Are you licensed to have Real User Monitoring (RUM)? RUM is an additional piece of the license on top of what you get just by having OneAgents:
  2. What technologies are in use? RUM data like sessions will only show up out of the box if you are licensed and are running technologies that support the auto injection of our JavaScript agent into your web pages. These are the technologies that support that. If these aren't in use you'd be looking at manually setting up agentless RUM.

There's more to look at but I'd verify both of the above first.

Hi James!

Q1: Yes, I have millions of DEM units.

Q2: The API is running in SpringBoot / Tomcat Server. So, I think it´s supported.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Is the API being hit by a web browser or mobile app? RUM data is only captured via browser or instrumented mobile apps...also we only inject the RUM agent from a web server or from a java servlet.

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