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API Call for visualization


Hello Everyone ! 


My company is mainly using google data studio to visualize data.


In order the visualize  the metrics available in Dynatrace I'd like to use app script to (1) make and API call, (2) import the json into Google sheet, (3) Visualize the data with Data studio. 


May I ask if some of you have ever used google app script to make an API call into Dynatrace ? 


If you feel like the steps below don't make sense feel free to suggest a different method. 





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I've done a bunch of API Metric exports from Dynatrace. Just remember this API Call is RAW data and will not have any visuals. It would be up to your ingesting platform to visualize that data. Much like Dynatrace does with metric ingestion. 


I recommend defining out what metrics you are looking to pull and visualize, then find that data in the API, create a token and pull the data. 




After few weeks of research I've found a solution to my issue, 

-  Test SQL " query user session "

-  Paste the request under APIV1 RUM Section. 

-  Copy the generated URL 

- Export data from the URL using Python or appscript to a visualization System. 




thank you very much for your answer anyway. Much appreciated ! 


I'll be happy to help however needs help with this.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Also to include that you can make the JSON calls directly in Excel and get data into sheets.

I believe Google sheet does have a similar functionality, but have not tested it yet.

Antonio Sousa

II wrote the scipt myself to do the API call and import the data in google sheet, 

I can share it with anyone who needs it. 

@ThibautDKT, awesome! If you can, you could share how you've done it in the "Tips and tricks" section. I'm pretty much sure that other members in the Community will appreciate it!

Antonio Sousa

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