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Add server info ( Back-end hybris server info) in User sessions


Hi Dynatrace Team,

We have recently migrated from riverbed to Dynatrace we are looking for back-end SERVER feature. In user session is it possible to configure backend server info (Hybris application server info). We want to see user login server info. Please advise.

Example print screen from riverbed tool:




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

We don't offer this filter out of the box, but in some cases the web pages have the backend server information and we can capture that, put it into a session attribute and use it as a filter. Can you check the page source for metadata with the server name?

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I looked into this for you as I feel it is a great use case where you can target hosts that might be giving users a frustrating experience. My method was to set the purepath data into a request attribute.

Notice that under topology the host is listed. I tried with multiple request attributes to capture that value and confirmed with support that it is not possible to capture that.

But, if we were to be able to target that value with a request attribute, we could then set it as a session property for the user sessions and then link it as a string property which would then allow you to filter, sort and list the values within your user sessions. But Alas I was unable to capture that data from the request attribute standpoint. I would recommend putting in a RFE to allow us to capture values within topology as it would have many use cases.


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