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Android APK with Dexguard and iOs App with ixGuard final build fais during Obfuscation. Any official or community resolution for this?


When we are building to take up to production / playstore we build with dexguard.

When we do that we are getting this error when we have Dynatrace

Unexpected error while computing stack sizes:
Class = [com/safaricom/mysafaricom/ui/balances/PostPayBillPaymentFragment$onCreateView$2]
Method = [onClick(Landroid/view/View;)V]
Exception = [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException] (Stack size becomes negative after instruction [597] astore_2 v2 in [com/safaricom/mysafaricom/ui/balances/PostPayBillPaymentFragment$onCreateView$2.onClick(Landroid/view/View;)V])
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Stack size becomes negative after instruction [597] astore_2 v2 in [com/safaricom/mysafaricom/ui/balances/PostPayBillPaymentFragment$onCreateView$2.onClick(Landroid/view/View;)V]

We are also having an issue obfuscating our .ipa file using iXGuard (iOS version of DexGuard) because of Dynatrace.

We are getting this error: Failed to resymbolicate: No symbol map for bundle with UUID: D4B2BEB8-B806-3DE2-818C-BA9F1E07E50C (/var/folders/tr/9z5pxl852s137r17yqp_5g6w0000gp/T/ixguard-Obfuscated-e127OW/ipaextract/Payload/, arm64).


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Id recommend tossing in a support ticket. That way a support rep can help guide you through this as well as make any changes that need to be made on Dynatrace's end for any errors that need to be addressed.




We are planning to use dexguard in an Android instrumented application but based on your comments we have some doubts. Have you solved your issue? Have you received feedback from Dynatrace?

Appreciate your comments.

Many thanks in advance.

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