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Anonymous Users in React Native Mobile App


We use Dynatrace within a React Native Mobile App.

We have followed the “Detailed React Native” instructions. -


Which states we can call the identifyUser method.

Dynatrace.identifyUser("User XY");

This is called once the user is logged in and hence we know their name.

However, our client is still seeing a lot of anonymous sessions.


Am I correct in assuming that an anonymous session will convert into an identified sessions once we call this method? Eg the app is initially opened and the user has not yet logged in. They log in and then we identify them.


Are there any other steps we need to do to identify the user?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Based on your description of the problem, it could be that your Privacy config on Dynatrace could be clashing with the Identify User. I suggest that you check the configuration

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Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Keep in mind that this will not be carried over to new session (e.g. if app is restarted), so this has to be set again when an app relaunches, even if user login is cached.

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