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Anyone that can give me some insights of how to monitor Salesforce E-Commerce B2C with Dynatrace?

I would like to know how is the deployment to fully monitor salesforce E-Commerce with Dynatrace


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

For Salesforce Commerce Cloud, your only option is Agentless Real User Monitoring (RUM) because you have no access to the technology stack to install the Dynatrace OneAgent on. There are still a lot of great insights you can glean with RUM alone.

One thing to be aware of - SFCC, when compiling the site, has the # symbol as a reserved character. This is a javascript violation that impacts both jQuery as well as Dynatrace. If you do not follow the guidance in the workaround listed here, your site will crash due to SFCC's non-compliance position.

OK, all, this has the fix for the "#" sign, but where is the guidance for placing the JavaScript in the SFCC constructs?

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