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Apdex rating calculation - How to ignore some JavaScript errors?


Hi, I am using Dynatrace managed and real user monitoring to monitor one of my application. The application is built in Angular and it's just the content pages and nothing fancy.

The pages should be loading fast because they are designed in that way and Dynatrace should report the application as excellent but it's performance is rated as Frustrating and it's Apdex is calculated as "Fair".


I know that the Dynatrace categories all user actions with JavaScript errors as frustrating.
In some cases the application may have JavaScript errors caused by 3rd party elements like ads that don’t really affect the user experience of your customers. If such errors are skewing the Apdex ratings, can we have those JavaScript errors ignored for specific applications or high-priority user actions?


I have 2 questions - 

  1. I am aware that the JavaScript errors could directly be affecting the Apdex rating so is there a way to ignore some type of Javascript errors such as above one?
  2. Also, what are the other factors which are considered for the Apdex calculation?


Let me know if anyone can advice on this.


Best Regards,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is a very good doc on the Apdex: 


You are able to exclude javascript errors. See @kalle_lahtinen screen shot


There are many other factors that play into the Apdex, Yes you can set some custom classification as whats good, tolerable and frustrating, but it also takes into account errors, rage clicks and so on for the full classification of a user session. 


That's incorrect Chad, you can easily exclude either all JS errors for an application, or individually single JS errors:


I stand corrected. Thank you @kalle_lahtinen 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hello @shashank_b_agra ,

sure you can ignore specific JavaScript errors or also disable calculation of JavaScript errors into Apdex. More on this topic in the documentation.

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