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Auto instrumentation for angular


Our development team has started with the instrumentation for our Android and iOS apps (android is native java), and there is a question that would help us to go in the right direction, is Angular injected with the auto-instrumentation? or should it be manually injected, and if so, are there any limitations in an app without instrumenting Angular? Any help or documentation link would help me.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Curquidi!


Great question, and unfortunately it's not quite so simple as a "yes" or "no". Without knowing detaisl of your system, Angular "should" be auto-injected. It depends on what you use to build your iOS app. Check out the documentation here, and hopefully that helps a bit! If not, you could open a support ticket to get more detailed and guided help on instrumenting your Angular system on your mobile app. 


Good luck!


Bob C.

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