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Bug/Defect in PUT /rum/web-application-configuration-api/web-application/put-web-application


WHEN DEM untits quota exeed: Real user monitoring was disabled because of issues with your license. Find out more about your license in the account management or contact your administrator.

AND You PUT config with "enabled": true
"sessionReplayConfig": {
"enabled": true,
"costControlPercentage": 100,
"enableCssResourceCapturing": true,
"cssResourceCapturingExclusionRules": []

THEN 400 error returned from server

Expected result:
API manipulation with configuration sould be not limited by missing any Dynatrace "currency" if contract is active.
This implementation is requirements defect and is against the contract terms of service usage.

Please check iternally other API and cases similar to this


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I'd be curious as to what your account looks like and if you are allowed to incur overages on your license. Based off the contents of what you supplied states that you ran out of licenses and it would be wise to check and see if you are allowed overages and also if there was any type of limit imposed on your environment and not just on the application itself. 


You can make such changes via UI, so API just isn't consistent - have different rules

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