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CSS selector

HI ,

I am trying to display some values on a dashboard. I am using Easytravel application , and want to display totalcost value using CSS selector. I created a property under Session and user action properties. While the capture expression is giving proper results when testing on chrome browser , only null value is shown on dashboard.

Capture expression:

#iceform\\3aj_idt77-11-1 > span

When I am testing this expression in chrome


document.querySelector('#iceform\\3aj_idt77-11-1 > span').innerHTML

"$ 1461.98"

Can someone help me find out what i am missing ?



When you want to capture total cost:

please look on sourcecode:

as you can see you have class .totalCosts which is used only once on this page, so it's good for extracting properties. You should keep your rules as simple as possible.


Hi @sebastian k. thanks for your reply. Are you suggesting me to use Request attribute ?

No I suggest using different css path.

Thanks @sebastian k. , it is working for me now.

what is the working configuration?