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Capturing user tag from Documentum

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Has anyone used Dynatrace to capture the User Tag from Documentum web pages? 

We have tried using a CSS Selector of:

   [id$=ABCD_1] > nobr > a > span

and used the dtrum getmetadata... command in the console and it does work.

BUT ONLY if we first click somewhere in the frame that holds that data.

I suspect the problem is that Documentum is using Framesets (so session replay doesn't work) and I think that is stopping the user tag capture as that frameset is not in focus when the page is drawn.  Though thats a guess.

Any suggestions for how to capture the user tag would be appreciated.

Thanks, Keith


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

A good way to test if the selector can be reached and is returning the value you expect is to navigate to that view and try in the console:




Additionally, here's a quick guide in the documentation to verify if the user tag was applied in your session:


If it doesn't work, I'd recommend using the JavaScript API to assign user tags, which is a better way to do it if you have more complex setups or css-selectors that change dynamically.

Eric Yu

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Check if the JavaScript Agent is also injected into the actual frame where the CSS is located.


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