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Change where RUM injection starts


Hi, I have the following scenario.



A web application that was previously served by Apache Tomcat with Netscaler as the load balancer, however the RUM injection was being reported by Tomcat and we had RUM enabled. This was working fine.


We have NGINX as load balancer monitored by OneAgent and then it sends the requests to the Apache Tomcat servers, however now when we check the application Frontend it says that NGINX is the one resolving the frontend requests. Injection of RUM javascript seems to be deployed at NGINX level now and not in Tomcat.


This seems logic, however in this particular case we need to monitor RUM only at the Tomcat level and not before. Because we have separated NGINX monitoring to a different tenant and Tomcat is running monitored in another tenant. So now we have RUM only on the NGINX tenant and we lost it on the other.

How can we change this behavior or the level at which RUM is being injected?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If I got your description correctly, you have OneAgent in NGINX reporting to a different Dynatrace environment than the OneAgent running on the host with Tomcat servers.

In this case, the easiest option is to disable RUM for the NGINX process group (in the other Dynatrace environment), which will cause NGINX not to pick up the RUM beacons and it will just forward it to Tomcat where the RUM sensor will process them.

In general - RUM automatic injection is performed at the most inner process group (tomcat) and beacons are picked up and processed on most outer process group (NGINX) and are not forwarded further if RUM is active and processed them.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Hi Julius, yeah you got it right, however we have already tried disabling NGINX RUM monitoring on the 1st tenant and still nothing shows up in the other 2nd tenant where we have the Tomcat servers with RUM enabled, and JS injection is not occurring.

Any leads?



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Do I get you correctly:

When the user requests the webpage from the server the request first goes to NGINX monitored my Dynatrace environment "A" and then if forwarded to Tomcat monitored by Dynatrace environment "B".

RUM is disabled on ProcessGroups of NGINX "A" and you still don't have the RUM on Tomcat "B"?

If that's true I would ask you to create a support ticket - mention you want it to be assigned to me.

If not, kindly please correct me in my understanding.


Adam Piotrowicz
Lead Technical Support Engineer at Dynatrace

Hello Adam, yes that's correct!

Understood I will create the ticket ASAP, thank you!


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