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Competing product full story and OneAgent RUM Injection



Our agency is considering the purchase of similar product, Full Story

Fullstory: Surface User Sentiment with Behavioral Data | Fullstory


For UI/UX metrics and behaviors.

It also leverages a JavaScript agent similar to what RUM injection uses.

1) Will this potentially cause an issue if both products are injecting a javascript?

2) Are there any known compatibility issues? Will this application have any impact on Dynatrace?


Please advise and thank you !



Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

Hello, I'll try my best to answer your questions in one paragraph:

The short answer is yes this might cause issues. I've seen a lot of cases where injections tamper with each other for example in some cases this breaks the website, or causes either of the products to not work correctly..... and so we prefer that Dynatrace isn't used with another APM.

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