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Continous rb calls with RUM



After the activation of the real-time user analysis in Dynatrace, I have noticed significant performance issues in our UI applications. This is related to multiple continuous calls related to the ruxitagentsj. We could see that these agents are continuously called non-stop, increasing every ms or so (spanning to over a thousand or more even though there are no activities from the UI).



What could be the reason for this behaviour ?




Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi @Sonia_A , those requests are beacon requests. The RUM JavaScript sends RUM beacons to report the captured data to Dynatrace. And if you have session replay enabled then it's also normal to see more of them generated because they capture almost everything happening on your browser tab, even if you're not doing anything that way in the recording you would see exactly the same thing.

Hello toufic,

Thank you for your answer. The problem is that the UI of the application gets slower and degrading user experience. Once i desabled the rum and session replay, the navigation through application UI got better and the difference is important. 

Is there any solution to prevent slowness caused by rum/session replay ?

Thank you again.


RUM shouldn't cause that much of an overhead. In that case, I would suggest that you open a support ticket. You can also try testing a few things from your end to narrow down what might be causing it, for example: disabling session replay, visually complete, and other settings for the application and checking if that helps (do it one by one and then if it doesn't help enable them again), and then getting back to us.



I tested the Following 3 scenarios :

      - RUM enabled - Session replay Desabled -> no problem

     - RUM enabled - and Session replay Enabled with 100% Cost and traffic control -> the problem occurs

     - RUM enabled - Session replay Enabled with 75% Cost and traffic control -> no problem

I dont see the relationship between reducing or increasing the amount of recorded sessions with the number of rb request on a user session.

Hope these informations can help to understand the problem.


Thank you again.


Then please open a support ticket because this needs a deeper investigation from our side.


Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

If you are seeing thousands of beacons without any UI activity/mouse movement, I would also recommend ensuring that your version of the tag is up to date. If this is still happening on the most recent JavaScript agent version, please do open a Support ticket as per Toufic's suggestion.

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