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Custom Session Properties EAP


Is there an ETA for this EAP til it reach GA? is there any way to enter the EAP? at this time?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

List of all EAP programs is here:

Regards, Sebastian

That EAP aint listed. And saw a few user prints on these forums and this Session:

Advanced Business Impact Analysis with Dynatrace

with that EAP/section of configuration enable. It's only for SaS? or when will hit managed would be nice to know.

Interesing, I didn't see this video before. I've checked managed and saas installation I've manage and there is no option for that right now. So if somebody knows something about this I'm interested as well 🙂

Regards, Sebastian

I've found 🙂

Regards, Sebastian

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Dante,

Unfortunately due to an issue discovered at a very late stage we had to move GA from December to upcoming March. I'll keep you posted once it is avaialble.

Cheers Klaus

Hi Klaus! Thanks for the info!. Will wait to March then.


Hi @Klaus E. Does this GA still have date to March? Does the EAP still available? We are at Managed@1.160.


Yes all is still valid. Looks like 163 or 164 release will make it.

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