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Data-collection & cookie opt-in-mode



I understand from help document that

"With opt-in mode enabled, the injected JavaScript Real User Monitoring code won’t capture any data or set cookies. Data capture and cookie usage can, however, be enabled for individual users using the JavaScript API call dtrum.enable(). This allows you to implement an opt-in setting that enables your customers to comply with the data privacy standards of their region."

I believe we need to write a piece of code that will call the dtrum.enable() api when user accept the cookie policy. Can someone give me an example how this need to handle from application side. where we need to write the logic and what kind of logic.

Any high/low level details would be helpful.

We want to capture the RUM data and at the same time comply to GDPR.







DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You just need this piece of code as you described. When you have RUM injected, such method is available globally and you can execute such event anywhere from your code. In such case, you can grab JS action of clicking accept on cookies policy and in this way you can execute dtrum.enable(). Then you need check stored cookie (that is informing your site that user already accepted your request) just for executing dtrum.enable() automatically for next visits.




Regards, Sebastian

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