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Discrepancy in results of cutom chart and USQL queries

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My dashboard has few custom chart tiles which displays the no. of key user actions that have been performed over  a period of time .
Our is  a payment application so actions include
1:Loading of Home Page
2:Loading of Create Payment Page
3:Create Quote (custom action)
4:Create Payment (custom action)

I was trying to display the same details via a funnel chart using USQL.
But when I am comparing both the results over same time frame  there seems to be some discrepancy

The no of actions on tiles are mostly higher(and accurate when verified with the backend) than that displayed via the USQL query

Any specific reason for this?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There might be some reasons for that. One that typically applies is if you are in a timeframe where you have live sessions. Those are not visible in USQL results...

Antonio Sousa

Frequent Guest

Thanks @Antonio

But even if I apply historical time frame there is a gap